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Founded in 2003, the company specialises in the development and production of frequency converters which are tailored to the specific requirements of rope lifts.

With more than 30 years of experience of control systems for lift drive mechanisms, the company offers a competent team which will help customers to develop optimised solutions which help to both increase value and reduce costs in accordance with the customers' requirements.

The range of products on offer from Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH is used successfully all around the world. Our worldwide aftersales service offers additional backup to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

CANopen Products


Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH
Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH
An den Röderäckern 5
63743 Aschaffenburg
phone: +49 (6028) 97796-0