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CANopen in general

The current meetings for CANopen you will find on and if you are a CiA member on

CANopen Lift

2013-12-03 Plugfest of the SIG Lift

To verify the interoperability of the CANopen modules on December 3rd 2013, the 7th CANopen Lift Plugfest takes place in Nuremberg.

The focus of the next Plugfests are among others in the test of the functions of the current version 2.1:

  • the ErrorCounter
  • the energy-saving features and power measurements
  • Load / save parameter sets
  • the bootloader function
  • max. bus load tests
  • max. bus length tests

The CiA will send the invitations to the members of the group to lift Plugfest as soon as the exact date has been set. If you are interested to test your components, you should contact the CiA and send the latest EDS files of the test equipment to the CiA.

Earlier registration is requested to provide enough space in a CiA test room for equipment and seats for engineers from each participating company.

2013-12-04 Meeting of the SIG Lift

The last meeting of SIG Lift was held on 3rd July 2013 in Nuremberg. The next meeting of the SIG Lift is planned for 4th December 2013, one day after the next Plugfest. The invitation will be sent in due time by the CiA to members. For the topics for the next workshop, see this wiki. Please complete your desired topics.