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The Demonstrator was exhibited at the following events:
The Demonstrator was exhibited at the following events:
Interlift 2015
*[Interlift 2015]
= Interested in an own Pillar =
= Interested in an own Pillar =

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Entwurf des neuen Demonstrators2


The CANopen Lift demonstrator was built in 2008 to demonstrate the good cooperation and functionality of CANopen Lift Components. The demonstrator was developed to present the functioning of the components at trade fairs and events. It was modular, so it could be flexibly combined and represent the function of individual elevators and the cooperation of components from different manufacturers.

Over the years, some drawbacks have shown and have been solved with the new version of the demonstrator. Its new modern design and animated multimedia elements should provoke interest among the visitors in the fair, who are already familiar with the old demonstrator. The new demonstrator to the old do not replace but complement sense.


The new version of the demonstrator present several advantages:

  • lighter and, therefore, easier to transport
  • thin, modern design
  • integrated display to show product features, CANopen process data of the product, information about the manufacturer. Optionally with touch to interact with the device.
  • can be independently used, without interaction with other demonstrator columns. This means that it can be used in your own company after Interlift 2015.

Planning Status

Technical Data Sheet

The construction is not completely finished. The data below may change.

Maße des Demonstrators2 - Änderungen vorbehalten

Mechanical Information

Height: 198 cm

Width: 50cm

Depth: 50cm

Inside Depth: about 15.cm

Color: white

Rear wall detachable

Heavy base plate made of lacquered steel, with floor opening

3 sockets

Orifice on the back with brush for cable feedthrough

Electric features

Display: 32“ (81,6 cm) 1920x1080 FullHD, Contrast 3000:1, LED-Backlight, Operation 24/7

Optional: 32” Touch-Sensor

Supply voltage: 230 VAC (optional 24VDC can be internally provided)

CANopen Lift display controller: flexyPage PRO boxed incl. default layout

Pillar Demonstrator2

Pillar 1: company aaa

Pillar 1: company aaa

Pillar 1: company aaa

Building Plans

The pillars are set on a display carrier available in the market which will be mechanically and electrically adapted for the needs of the Demonstrator2. The exact scale drawings and photos will be published here soon.

Assembly Instructions

Once the first pillar is built, the instructions for assembly and disassemble are displayed on it.


The Demonstrator was exhibited at the following events:


  • [Interlift 2015]

Interested in an own Pillar

Are you interested in a customized pillar to show your products? Please contact J. Hellmich, in charge of the coordination of new pillars for scheduled events and arrangements for the delivery and assembly.


June 2015

There is a concrete proposal for the construction and transport. Interested parts will be informed.

March 2015

Beginning of the plans for a new demonstrator