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= Manufacturer =
= Manufacturer =
[[port GmbH|port GmbH]]
[[Port industrial automation GmbH|port industrial automation GmbH]]
= Profil =
= Profil =

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port industrial automation GmbH


CiA 301, 302 and 417 (and other, e. g. 402 for drives)


The CANopen Design Tool of port GmbH serves the menu driven complete building of CANopen-objectindexes. Together with the protocol-stack, which is available as version 4.4 and always maintained to the latest CiA-standards, CANopen-units can be created by configuration on this way. It originates a loadable C-code and a unit-description in XML (*.xdd) and in EDS-format.

The latest scale of functions of the design-tools described here in German and English.
Behind this link you will find further Informationen zum Protokoll-Stack.





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