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Interlift 2015

In the period from 13th to 16th October 2015 the world's largest trade fair for elevator technology Interlift 2015 will take place in Augsburg.

The CiA will be present there once again. They will supply an information stand about CANopen-Lift and the CANopen-Lift demonstrator to show the functionality of CANopen in lifts.

There will be many new and familiar CANopen products at the stands of many manufacturers. We will provide a list here in this wiki and also on the CiA stand.

Exhibitors of CANopen Lift products at Interlift 2015

In the following table we will give you an overview on the stands which will exhibit CANopen-Lift products. This table is currently not valid and under construction.

Overview table of exhibitors
Hall Booth-No. Company Product group W Comment
1 1113 Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH lift controller A, M
1 1126 Ziehl-Abegg AG inverter A, P, D, M
1 1112 SCHAEFER GmbH Panels A, P, D, M
1 1110 LiftEquip GmbH Elevator Components Inverter A, P, D, M
1 1101 Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG Position Encoder A, P, M
1 1105 MERak s.l. Emergency call systems A, M
1 1131 NEW LIFT Neue Elektronische Wege Steuerungsbau GmbH Lift controller A, P, M, D
1 1128 SODIMAS S.A. lift, lift controller A, M
2 2230 Baumer IVO GmbH & Co. KG Position Encoder A, P, D, M
2 2238 Danfoss GmbH Inverter A, M, P
2 2132 Fuji Electric Holdings Co. Ltd. Inverter without CANopen A, M
2 2126 Heilbronn University Referenzaufzug, research and teaching A, P
2 2182 SICK AG Sensors A, M
3 3100 Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH Panels A, P, D, M
3 3117 Intec GmbH Lift controller A, P, M
3 3101 Henning GmbH Weight measurement sensor A, P, D, M
3 3104 SafeLine Group Displays, emergency telephones, lift controller A, P, D, M
3 3104 Masora AG lift controller, floor indicator M, A, D, P
3 3123 Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG electronic devices without CANopen-Lift A, M
3 3159 ELGO Electronic GmbH Position Encoder A, P, D, M
3 3233 Fritz Kübler GmbH Position sensors A, M, P
3 3184 KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH Lift controller, inverter A, M
3 3201 Micelect Weight measurement sensor A, P, M
3 3162 W+W Aufzugkomponenten GmbH u. Co. KG Bus cables A, P
4 4071 Dinacell Electrónica, s.l Weight measurement sensor A, P, D, M
4 4081 MS MIKROPROZESSOR-SYSTEME AG Emergency telephone A, M, P
5 5113 Weber Lifttechnik GmbH Steuerung WECAN A, P, D, M
5 5214 WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH A, M
5 5177 Yaskawa Europe GmbH Drives + Motion Inverter without CANopen A, M
3 3236 bs tableau oHG Displays A, P
4 4025 MS Mikroprozessor Systeme AG emergency telephones A, M
4 4027 Fuji Electric Europe GmbH inverters A, M, P
7 7180 Leitronic AG emergency telephone without CANopen A, M
5 5112 Sprinte lift controller A, P, D, M
5 5167 Klinkhammer lift controller A, P
5 5167 Intec lift controller A, P, M
5 5140 CAN in Automation standard, marketing, information A, D, M, I You can see the Demonstrator at the CiA's booth.
5 5140 ELFIN GmbH TFT-Displays, gateways M, P, A, D, I
5 5145 KEB Antriebstechnik - Karl E. Brinkmann GmbH Inverter A, M
7 7179 Control Techniques GmbH inverter A, P, D, M
5 5140 Pepperl+Fuchs Position sensor M, D, P
5 5182 Strack Lift Automation GmbH lift controller without CANopen A, M
5 5210 GEFRAN S.p.A. Drive & Motion Control Unit inverter A, M, P
5 5229 Hong Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd. Panels, Multimedia System, Emergency telephones A, M
5 5240 MEILLER Aufzugtüren GmbH automatic doors A, P
5 5231 PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH A, M
5 5188 Variotech Produktions- und HandelsgmbH Position Encoder A, P, D, M
5 5254 Yaskawa Europe GmbH Drives + Motion inverter A, M
7 7105 K.A. Schmersal GmbH Position Encoder A, P, D, M
7 7105 Böhnke + Partner GmbH lift controller, Gateways, Tools A, P, D, M
7 7193 Siemens AG door controller A, P, M
7 7117 STEP Sigriner Elektronik GmbH lift controller and panels without CANopen A, M
C Cube WITTUR GmbH door controller A, P, D, M

  • A: Exhibitors with their own stands at the Interlift
  • P: A CANopen product is either being produced, developed or sold
  • D: A product is shown at the demonstrator
  • M: Member of CAN in Automation
  • I: Here you receive information about CANopen-Lift

CANopen lift products on the Interlift

We will provide an overview of the booths with CANopen products for you here.


Review of the last trade fairs