Suggestions of topics for the next workshop

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Special Interest Group (SIG) Lift

The next meeting of the SIG Lift takes place on 26 September 2012 in Nuremberg.

Agenda for the meeting of the SIG Lift on 26 September

  • Topic 1 – Formalities
    • Adoption of the agenda
    • Introduction of participants
    • Minutes of the meeting of April 2012
    • Analysis of the current status of CANopen Lift
  • Topic 2 – Bootloader for CANopen Lift equipment
    • Uniform procedure for the firmware update of CANopen Lift equipment
  • Topic 4 – Documentation
  • Top 5 - Marketing
    • Review of the SMG Lift's workshop of 12 September 2012
    • Information on current and planned marketing activities
    • Information on the presentation model, eventually retrofitting an energy management function
    • Recalling subgroup SMG Lift UK + FR
  • Top 6 - CANopen Lift Plugfest
    • Looking back at the previous day's Plugfest
    • Requests for special tests during future Plugfests
    • Elaboration of checklists as a prerequisite for an automatic test system
  • Top 7 - Miscellaneous
    • Introduction of new CANopen products
    • New date, place and topics for the next meeting
    • Definition of PDOs for proprietary items
    • ...

If you have further suggestions, please feel free to add them to Topic 7 - Miscellaneous.