CAN remote gateway CDG-01

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Böhnke + Partner GmbH




The board CDG-01 is available in different variations. It can be used for different assignments.

  • As repeater, to connect two CAN-networks. All CAN-telegrams are transmitted to other networks without modification. Both of the networks are regarded as a whole. Using two CDG-01 the networks can be connected by ethernet.
  • As bridge, to connect two CAN-networks with the profile CiA-417 (e.g. for the connetion of a shaftbus to a groupbus). Each CAN-network is regarded as an independent network. Simular gateway numbers can be used each once in each network. By interchanging the CAN-telegrams between the networks their functions will be changed accordingly.
  • As gateway, to connect by remote data transmission a pc with a CAN-network on a long distance. Therefor the board CDG-01 can be equiped with a modem-, ISDN-, or ethernet-modul. The CAN-telegrams will not be modified. In connection with the software CANwizard the remote diagnosis of the CANopen-network can be effected.