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Vector Informatik GmbH


  • Application profile for lift control systems (CiA 417)
  • Application profile for building door control (CiA 416)
  • Application profile for special-purpose car add-on devices (CiA 447)
  • Device profile for battery modules and battery chargers (CiA 418, CiA 419)
  • FireCAN


CANoe.CANopen coupled with the project planning tool called ProCANopen (included in delivery) enables efficient planning, management, simulation, test, and startup of CANopen networks. During the system design phase the user has the opportunity to simulate the later behavior of a system, estimate the bus load, and draw conclusions, like the necessary hardware performance, supported with extensive, CANopen-specific functions. The necessary orientation and concentration with regards to CANopen is largely avoided. The use of CANoe.CANopen aids in increasing the integration quality, at the same time reducing costs significantly. This functionality reduces necessary steps to the definition of defaults – without having to carry out a concrete implementation manually. Effort and the possibility for errors are greatly reduced.


CANoe.CANopen expands the standard functionality of CANoe with:

  • Generation of test sequences
  • Generation of simulation models
  • Generation of panels
  • Protocol-specific display in the Trace Window
  • Protocol monitoring
  • Configuration of CANopen devices

Included with the product is the project planning tool ProCANopen and the EDS editor CANeds.



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