Drive frequency inverter MFR

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LiftEquip GmbH Elevator Components




Our standard - drive technology with regeneration

Energy-efficient elevators as a new installation and modernization are now state of the art.

With the frequency inverters of MFR series of LiftEquip you get the latest technology without additional cost, as the recovery module is integrated in the inverter. The inverter can be used for both applications: geared and gearless.

In order to save and to protect the environment from the first ride, and all this without extra cost.


  • Node: ID 2
  • Operating mode: position-mode und velocity-mode
  • Baud rate: 125 / 250 kBaud (adjustable)
  • Connection: plug 3-pin with screw terminals open style
  • Termination: with jumper


end of life


Logo for verified devices
Logo for verified devices

The functionality of the module was successfully tested at the following PlugFests:


Drive inverter MFR