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CANopen devices compliant to this application profile shall support the Emergency service and the Emergency protocol as specified in /CiA301/.

Emergency messages are triggered by internal errors in the device. They are structured as specified in /CiA301/. The manufacturer-specific error field (msef) shall be reserved for future use. The structure of the Emergency message is specified in /CiA301/ and shown in Table 1.

Byte 7 Byte 6 Byte 5 Byte 4 Byte 3 Byte 2 Byte 1 Byte 0
msef er eec

Table 1 - Structure of the Emergency message

  • eec: Emergency error code
  • er: Error register (see object 1001h)
  • msef: Manufacturer-specific error code

Additional error codes

CANopen devices compliant to the application profile CiA417 shall support the additional error codes defined in Table 2.

eec Description
F001h Fast stop
F002h <tbd>
F003h <tbd>

Table 2 - Structure of the Emergency message

Fast stop

Der error code 'fast stop' bewirkt, dass der Umrichter sofort die Kabine kontrolliert abbremst. Zu diesem Zweck muss der Umrichter emergency consumer sein. Im Objekt 1028h werden die COB-ID's derjenigen Geräte eingetragen, die den Umrichter mittels emergency zum Notstopp veranlassen können.

see also Drive Unit