Lift Hall Call Module LHC-350-20

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Masora AG


  • CiA-417


Our product Lift Hall Call Module LHC-350-20 offers you:

  • Control via CANopen Lift CiA-417.
  • Selective call for UP and DOWN. Ability to connect 2 switching elements with acknowledgment light (Hall Call button).
  • Selective acknowledgment light for direction indication UP and DOWN. Ability to connect 2 indicator elements.
  • 4-Wire-Emulation for 3-Wire-Switching elements with acknowledgment light. Allows to read back the pushbutton of 3-Wire-Switching elements (combined wire for pushbutton and acknowledgment light) during active acknowledgment light.
  • State-LED for Inputs of switching elements and CAN-Bus.
  • Power feed via CAN-Bus-supply. The Module monitors the supply and sets an alarm if it falls under a critical limit.
  • The CAN configuration can be saved persistent on the module. No jumper needed for configuration.
  • Software updates via CAN-Bus.




Lift Hall Call Module LHC-350-20