Absolut multiturn position encoder CANLift

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Fritz Kübler GmbH




Main Features

Multiturn absolut psoition encoder seria 5868/88

The CANLift-encoder from serias 5868/88 supports the latest CANopen communication-profil of CiA-301 V4.02. Additional is the unit-specific profile CiA-417 V1.1 (for liftapplications) adopted. As oparting modes can be choosen from Polled Mode, Cyclic Mode, Sync Mode and a High Resolution Sync Protokoll. Furthermore it is possible to set-up scalings, preset values, limit-switch values and many other, additional parameters with the CAN-bus. With switching on all parameters are loaded from an EEPROM, where they were saved before zero potential safe. Positions, speed, acceleration, as well as the state of the 4 limit switches can get combined very variable as output values in PDO (PDO mapping).

Furthermore the encoders are available with D-SUB plug, M12, M23, or with cable outlet, on which the unit adress and the baudrate gets changed software controlled. Three LEDs on the backside signal the state of operation and errors of the CAN-bus as well as the condition of an internal diagnosis. CANLift-encoders are available also as hollow shaft and as full-axel version and thanks to degree of protection IP65 also suitable for raugh industrial surroundings and in an ATEX version.

Programmable Parameters

  • 2 virtual units
  • sense of rotation (complement)
  • encoding per turn
  • preset values
  • speed
  • acceleration
  • baudrate and CAN-identifier
  • transmitiing modes: Polled Mode, Cyclic Mode, Sync Mode and High Resolution Sync Protokoll
  • 4 limit switches

structure/design electronic

  • state of operation signal by 3 LEDs in the junction cover
  • high intergrated circuit/control with SMD technology