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The company Attosensor GmbH is a manufacturer of singleturns, multiturns, revolution counter and rotary speed sensors. Our specialty are absolute energy self-sufficient multiturns and revolution counter.

A multiturn consists of a combination from a rotation counter and a singleturn, therefore the multiturn has the same advantages as a pure rotation counter and a pure singleturn. The rotation counter counts complete revolutions and provides this combined with the shaft position in the range from 0° to 360° as a position value. The measurement system is based on an internationally patented process.

Our multiturns and revolution counter are robust against external environmental influences. They are due to its robust and durable construction particularly well suited for the heavy-duty range.

The multiturns and rotation counter are real energy self-sufficient absolutely angle sensors. Absolute, there ranges of up to 38Bit (2^38 ≈ 2.75 * 10^11) can be realized. Therefore there is not a range-over within the lifetime of a 38Bit rotation counter, and the old position value is again available immediately after power on. Energy self-sufficient, there the rotation counter is working without gear and batteries of any kind. This is true even at speeds in the near from 0 rpm. Only for the position querying the rotation counter must be supplied with energy.

The measuring system is suitable for solid shaft as well as for hollow shaft angle sensors. The rotation counter can be used as lifetime- or as consumtion counter. For the integration into custom applications, we offer rotation counter modules.

  • absolute
  • energy self-sufficient (in the near of 0rpm too)
  • not gear
  • not batterie
  • simple construction
  • robust against environmental influences
  • durable
  • Measuring range up to (Rev.-Counter=0...2^38)+(ST=0...360)°
  • high precision

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Attosensor GmbH
Attosensor GmbH
Attosensor GmbH
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