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Source: Henry Wuttke, SafeLine-Deutschland

Lifts consist of many components. Like in football, even having the best individual players is not a guarantee for success. Teamwork makes the difference. SafeLine makes teamwork visible.

Floor display and voice announcer FD4-Can by SafeLine
FD4-Can with micro-SD-card providing memory for the complete bus-system of the lift
IO8-Can providing additional in- and outputs for the CANopenLift system

Wikipedia defines a team as either the crew, or the collective of crew and its supporting personnel, such as trainers and technicians. If all individuals cooperate they are more likely to win the match. In a technical sense, this teamwork means interfaces and communication between components. CANopen-Lift sets the standard. In football team spirit develops in trainings with few spectators. The real proof is in matches watched by millions. It is fine if the components of a lift work smoothly in the background, but it is better if the result will finally be noticed by its users. The display FD4-Can by SafeLine is the optical and audio interface between the players in the field (components) and the spectators (passengers and lift technicians). It has a 160 dots matrix display available in 4 different colours. It is fully compatible with the Industry standard CANopen-Lift, defined by CiA-417. The FD4 will display floor numbers, text messages and technical messages to a technician, aiding in trouble shooting and diagnosing the lift. The FD4 speaks voice messages in HiFi quality, from our voice library or easily recorded on any computer. Arrival chime is of course included.

The development was not made secretly in our back yard, but in cooperation with other world class players. This means, the brain and muscle power of a high number of excellent players are included and synchronised. Team spirit from the beginning!

Disruptions can occur in every environment, debris is as disturbing on a football pitch as noise is on an electronic bus. FD4-Can is therefore galvanically isolated to guarantee good function also in high noise levels. Players get instructions by the trainer; FD4-Can contains 4 general purpose in- and outputs which are short circuit protected and configurable with the CanOpen standard tool "Can Wizard". More players require more interfaces. SafeLine’s IO8- Can provides 8 additional short circuit protected general purpose in- and outputs. A dream for every trainer and every technician!

It might be difficult to state the memory abilities of football players, but we can say that FD4- Can stores all parameters of the complete bus plus voice messages in the on-board Micro SD card. What all trainers will dream about: On unit buttons or software to set volume and other parameters -without discussion; a detailed documentation with FAQ’s and technical support completes the package. With the last point we challenge the comparison between football and lift components: Our products don’t need to be big. Small is beautiful. Your products are invited to become members of the team. Quality Talks.