Drive frequency converter ZETADYN 3BF

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Ziehl-Abegg AG




The ZETADYN 3BF is a frequency inverter developed especially for elevator machines. The specific characteristics of the design are the special elevator functions, the intuitive operation and the variety of interfaces to the elevator control. The ZETADYN 3BF ensures the highly sophisticated control for asynchronous machines. Due to the comact design the ZETADYN 3BF is particularly suitable for the space saving installation in the elevator control cabinet. The modular structure of the ZETADYN 3 shows high variability and flexibility. Therefore the ZETADYN 3BF is the suitable product for the future.

The specific characteristics of the ZETADYN 3BF are:

  • Due to integrated elevator software all elevator functions are already programmed
  • All common asynchronous and synchronous machines can be operated
  • Interfaces to the elevator control: CAN, DCP, parallel
  • USB interface for the connection of a PC or notebook
  • MMC card slot for firmewareupdate, recording functions for diagnosis and data backup
  • Powerful software ZETAMON for the starting support, diagnosis and data backup
  • Removable operating panel ZETAPAD that can be used for the remote operation as well
  • Line reactor and radio interference suppression filter can be added easily
  • The open loop operation without encoder is possible for asynchronous machines

State (CAN)

  • Required CAN-Interface-Hardware in each DCP extension-card serially implemented
  • Velocity Mode implemented, first test elevators already running
  • Virtal Display implemented; operation per SDO (polling) possible (Control via arrow keys and ‚i’-key). Standardisation of character set pending.