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IXXAT PC / CAN interfaces enable the access of PC applications to CAN / CANopen networks with a unique variety of different PC interface standards. From this selection, the customer can select the optimal PC / CAN interface with regard to the application, the power requirement or the targeted unit costs.

"Internal" CAN PC interfaces

For the "internal" PC cards various PC interface standards are supported, for many of them several different CAN cards are offered.
In addition to custom applications based on the VCI (Windows) or ECI (Real-time OS and Linux) drivers, the interfaces are also the basis for our extensive tool chain – consisting of analysis and configuration tools – as well as configuration software from a wide variety of equipment manufacturers.

Active and passive interfaces
IXXAT PC interfaces are available in low-cost passive or active variants, without or with on-board controllers. Active interfaces allow usage within applications with high demands on data pre-processing, such as high-precision time stamps or the filtering of messages to be sent or received directly on the interface.

Format Passive interface CAN FD Active Interface CAN FD
PCI CAN IB 300/PCI no CAN-IB 400/PCI no
PCI express CAN-IB100/PCIe no CAN-IB200/PCIe no
CAN-IB500/PCIe yes CAN-IB600/PCIe yes
PCIe mini CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini no -
CAN-IB 520/PCIe Mini yes -
PC/104 PC-I 04/104 no -
PCI/104 express CAN-IB130/PCIe 104 no CAN-IB230/PCIe 104 no
- - CAN-IB630/PCIe 104 yes
PMC - - CAN-IB 410 /PMC no
- - CAN-IB 810 /PMC yes
XMC - - CAN IB 210 /XMC no
- - CAN IB 610 /XMC yes

USB-to-CAN interfaces

With its USB-to-CAN V2 and USB-to-CAN-FD series IXXAT provide 'external' interfaces which allow to connect every device with an USB-port to a CAN network. The devices provide up to two CAN (CAN-FD) interfaces and - in case of the automotive versions - additionally one LIN interface.

Compact Professional Automotive Embedded
USB-to-CAN V2 CAN 1 2 2 1
LIN - - 1 -
USB-to-CAN-FD CAN-FD 1 - 2 1
LIN - - 1 -

Further CAN interfaces

Beside the USB-to-CAN devices also other devices can be used as "external" CAN interfaces:


  • Supports all standard PC interfaces
  • Common driver interface for easy exchange of the PC interface type without any changes to your application
  • For CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939
  • Incl. powerful driver packages for Windows, Linux, INtime, QNX, RTX, and VxWorks
  • High data throughput combined with low latency
  • Long-term availability
  • OEM versions and design-in solutions available
  • High quality standards at development and production: Outgoing goods are 100% tested




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