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HMS Industrial Networks AB

Product description

The CANio 250 and CANio 500 are universal I/O gateways for CAN and CANopen systems which enable the easy and quick connection of digital input and output signals to CAN or CANopen systems - whether in experimental setups, component test stands or vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Appropriate for both devices

  • Suitable for CANopen and CAN layer 2 networks
  • Universal use due to robust design and wide power supply range
  • Easy configuration and versatile configuration options
  • Adaptation to specific requirements via CANio ADK
  • Plug-in version available for direct integration into customer hardware

CANio 250 specific

  • Up to 16 digital inputs + clamp 15 (5 V CMOS compatible)
  • Up to 16 digital outputs, max. 30 mA, 5 V CMOS signal levels

CANio 500 specific

  • 4 digital inputs + clamp 15 (between 0 ... 34 V, threshold at 50 %)
  • 4 digital outputs, max. 1 A, output voltage free selectable
  • 4 analog inputs, 12 bit res. (+/- 5 V, or 0-10 V, or +/- 100 mA)
  • 4 analog outputs, 12 bit res. (+/- 5 V, or +/- 10 V, or 0-5 V, or 0-10 V, switchable via software)

CANio Configuration Tool

The CANio Configuration Tool, included in the scope of delivery, enables the easy and fast configuration of the CANio 250 and CANio 500 devices. The range of functions of the Windows software includes:

  • CAN parameter configuration (baud rate, message ID's, cycle times)
  • Configuration of the digital inputs (interrupt capability, debounce time) and (only CANio 500) of the analog inputs (interrupt capability, delta value)
  • Configuration of the digital outputs (default value) and (only CANio 500) analog outputs (output voltage range, default value)
  • Firmware update
  • Download of the ADK applications
  • Storage of the configuration into a configuration file and import of the configuration file


The package for the easy development of customized applications on the CANio 250/500 contains all drivers required for communication via the CAN bus and for triggering the various inputs and outputs, which allows development of custom applications even without specific hardware know-how.

  • Easy and fast adaptation of the CANio 250/500 functionality to your requirements
  • Use of standard programming tools
  • Demo applications simplify the development



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