Meeting to define a Position Supervisor Unit 2014-05

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On May 22, 2014 the companies BÖHNKE + PARTNER, ELFIN, ELGO Electronic GmbH, Intec and KLST met to define a new virtual device Position Supervisor Unit in the open standard CANopen-Lift. This virtual device will describe a safety box for lifts. The meeting took place at BÖHNKE + PARTNER in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany).

At the meeting ELGO explained the functions of the planed PSU. After that the functions, parameters and messages necessary for communication were discussed. In the next weeks the participants will work on the extension of the standard and will submit the results as a proposal to the SIG Lift. A first test could occur at the PlugFest in September 2014.

With this extension it is possible to link safety related components with lifts via the CAN-bus.