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Possible connection of PESSRAL components to a standard CANopen-lift system

In 2005 PESSRAL (Programmable Electronic System in Safety Related Applications) has been implemented as a normative revision of the standard EN 81, revision A1 (EN 81-1;1998/A1:2005).

PESSRAL is based on the standards IEC 61 508 (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 und 7) and describes the possibility of applying programmable electronic systems in security-relevant applications for lifts.

According to the definition by EN 81-1 Pessral is a command-, safety- and control system in one or more programmable installations, including all system elements like power supplies, sensors and other input devices, data busses and means of communication, actuators and other output devices, which are used in security-relevant applications. A programmable electronic installation is based on a computing technology, which may include hardware-, software- and in-/output components. Programmable electronic installations are microprocessors, micro controllers, programmable logic controllers (SPS), ASIC interfaces etc..

To connect PESSRAL devices in a lift system in the future a data bus is necessary, and this might be CANopen Safety (CiA 304) and CANopen Lift (CiA 417). At the moment a conversation between several manufacturers takes place to work out the necessary functionalities. PESSRAL is assured to be a topic at the next meeting of the SIG Lift.

Patents regarding PESSRAL

This list is under development and still incomplete!

At the moment there are 12183 patents of the category B66B3/00 (Operation Manual for Displays and Reporting Systems) and 9618 patents of the category B66B5/00 (Testing, Troubleshooting, Safety Installations) registered with European Patent Office (as of December 2009).

Here should be a list of the patents regarding electronic systems with a bus connection.

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Standards and Guidelines regarding PESSRAL

This list is under development and still incomplete!

  • EN 81-1;1998/A1:2005 - PESSRAL
  • IEC 61 508 - functional security of electric / electronic / programmable security relevant electronic systems (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7)