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CANopen in general

The current events regarding CANopen can be found at


2020-05 Marketing Group Lift

The MG Lift is currently planning the upcoming events, e.g. E2 Forum and Interlift 2021, the topics for upcoming meetings can be found under Marketing Group Lift.

An invitation to the members will be sent by the CiA to its members just in time.

2020-10-29 Meeting of the SIG Lift

The next meeting of the SIG Lift is planed for 29th October 2020. The invitation will be sent by CiA to its members. The Suggestions of topics for the next workshop can be found in this wiki. Please add your desired topics.

2020 PlugFest of the SIG Lift

To check the interoperability of the CANopen modules, regular CANopen-Lift PlugFests were carried out. Due to the corona pandemic, no PlugFests can be held at present. Tests are carried out directly between individual manufacturers.

As soon as the situation improves, the CiA will again send out invitations to the members of the Lift Group. If you are interested in having your components tested at one of the next PlugFests, please contact the CiA and send the current EDS files of the devices to be tested to the CiA.


2018-12 Version 2.3 published

At this days the version 2.3 of CiA-417 has been published as a Draft Standard Proposal. It is available for all members of CiA to download at CiA homepage.


An overview of past events can be found under Press and Articles >>