CANopen Lift PlugFest - 2014-04

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The manufacturer of lift components reviewed the interoperability of their CANopen-Lift products on April 8, 2014. Nine companies from Denmark, Germany, Italy and Sweden were attending the 8th PlugFest. Host was the CiA in Nuremberg.

The PlugFest was an open event of CiA, in which the company GEFRAN was a first-time participant, to test the function of the CANopen port of their converter with the four control systems present. The PlugFest offered opportunity to all participants to connect their products in small alternating teams and to check the newly defined functions of version 2.1 for interoperatibility.

The eighths PlugFest underscores the efforts of the lift industry with its increasing supply of freely available components to enable manufacturer-independent systems.

The next PlugFest is scheduled for September 2014. If needed further PlugFests can be scheduled earlier.