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Application Profile CANopen-Lift

Logo CANopen-Lift

Here you can find some background information about the application profile CANopen-Lift and recommendations helping you to develop your own product.

  • General Information
  • Current Stand
  • Application Notes
  • CANopen-Lift Projects
  • Product Recommendations
  • Enhancements of the Profile

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Manufacturer and Supplier


More and more manufacturer offers CANopen-Lift products successfully. Here you can find an overview of manufacturer, supplier and service provider delivering products with a CANopen-Lift interface.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Provider from A ... Z

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Press and Articles


In the last years many article has been published about CANopen-Lift. Here you can find a small selection of press releases, professional articles and presentations.

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CANopen Marketing Group Lift

Marketing Gruppe CANopen-Lift

The CANopen Marketing Group Lift (MG Lift) promotes the application profile for lift control systems. The group writes press articles, designs flyers and newsletters about the open standard and organizes fares. Also the demonstrator is handled by the SMG Lift. More information about the work of the Marketing Group Lift you can find here.

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Product Guide

Product Guide

Here you can find an overview of available products with a CANopen interface and services in an alphabetically order.

  • Controller
  • Network Modules
  • Position
  • Load Measurement

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  • Drive
  • Input/Output
  • Panel
  • Tools