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CANopen News

General about CANopen in a lift

Due to the high amount of advantages, the use of standardized fieldbus-systems to interconnect electric components is in the trend. This can be seen in the industrial automation, the automotive industry, the facility-management, etc. Common systems in the faciliy-management are for example: EIB, EHS or LON. In the industrial automation for example CAN, Profibus, Interbus or Ethernet are used.

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The CANopen application profile for lifts CiA-417


CAN has been used in lift control applications for many years. In 2002 several mid-size companies decided to move to a standard higher layer protocol (CANopen) to allow for “plug-and-play” compatibility of devices, which would enable a lift manufacturer to buy devices from several smaller companies instead of just one large company.

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Introduction to the standardized network for lift control systems

Almost in the beginning of the 90ties, the first lift builders started to introduce serial bus-systems to interconnect electronic devices. The benefits were and are reduction of cabling, sharing of information, reduction of cabling failures, simple expandability and enhanced diagnostics as well as easier trouble shooting. When a manufacturer produces all devices by him, there is no need for an open communication standard.

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Current state


The development of the open standard CANopen CiA-417 was begun in year 2001. The present version 2.0 of the specification has existed since December 2009 and is supported by many products. These products are tested for compatibility and interoperability at the regularly PlugFests.

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Extensions of the profile

The first version of the open standard CANopen CiA-417 has been published in 2003. Since this time many new functions are added to fulfill the requirements of the market. Here you can find wishes and discussions about new functions.

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Recommendations for CANopen-Lift-products

Here you will find additional recommendations, which are not part of the document CANopen CiA-417.

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CANopen-Lift projects

Here your can find a list of the current open projects, driven by the CANopen community.

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Application Notes

Hier werden einige Applikation Notes zum Applikationsprofil CiA-417 veröffentlicht.

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