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Central station of Berlin
Central station of Berlin

The development of the open standard CANopen CiA-417 has began in year 2001. The present public version 2.0 of the specification has existed since December 2009 and is supported by many products. These products are tested for compatibility and interoperability at the regularly PlugFests.

Almost a year after its release version 2.0 has declared stable. Many products implemented the features and have been running successfully in the field. Therefore the SIG Lift concluded at the meeting on 7th September 2010 that the version 2.0 should be transitioned into the Draft Standard (DS) and offered as a free download. The publishing of this version took place at the beginning of year 2011.

Meanwhile the standard was extended by many features and is close to its passing of version 2.3. This version provides functions for measuring the energy consumption of lifts, control commands for reduction of the energy use of components, functions for accelerating the start an stop of lifts, extensions for the diagnose of networks and the new Position Supervisor Unit.

Flyer CANopen-Lift 2009
Flyer CANopen-Lift 2009

The marketing group (MG Lift) organized multiple trade-fair appearances, constructed the CANopen-Lift Demonstrator, worked out a flyers and image videos about the standard CANopen-Lift. Currently the trade-fair appearances for the next is planned.

The list of manufacturers for CANopen-Lift products is becoming longer and more international. By now, CANopen-Lift products are produced in Austria, Brasil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Liechtenstein, Nippon, P.R. China, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. In Australia, Italy and Taiwan more products are in development.

For most of the products are already alternatives by multiple manufacturers available which decreases the prices of the offered modules. Even before the Interlift 2017 seven additional control systems, five inverters, tableaus and displays are offered.

The Reference List, the list of the Manufacturer, Supplier and Provider and the Product Guide shows that the offered systems have placed themselves firmly on the market.