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impression PlugFest CANopen-Lift
impression PlugFest CANopen-Lift

To make the PlugFests effective and to allow a safe zone for the developers, the CANopen-Lift PlugFests are open only to the following persons:

  • Developers of a CANopen-Lift device, which have it with them and want to check it,
  • a technical representative of the CiA,
  • a technical contact person of the organizer of the PlugFest who provides rooms, voltage, test places, etc.,
  • developers of CANopen tools and stacks,
  • members of CAN in Automation,
  • the chairman of the SIG Lift.

Not welcome are persons that could exert pressure (to perform) on the attendant developers. This can be, for example:

  • customers, that want to have a look how far the device is progressing,
  • members of the press,
  • buyers and sellers who want to gain an overview of the market,
  • employers who want to have a look how the employee has been working, or what the competitor is doing...
  • and so forth.

Since there are tests of devices with high voltage and currents as well, only participants with a successful electric education are allowed.