CANopen Lift PlugFest - 2015-04

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full house at PlugFest 2015-04

The members of the special interest group lift met for the 10th time to test their CANopen-Lift products’ interoperation on the 14th April, 2015. The great interest in this event and the short-term registration of some attendees led to quite cramped conditions in the present premises. Five control system manufacturers, two frequency converter manufacturers, three suppliers of display systems, one indicator board manufacturer, one emergency systems manufacturer and one manufacturer of door control systems participated the event. The list of attendees has shown that the CANopen-Lift standard meets international acceptance all the same. Among those present developers were representatives from Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and also China and the USA for the first time.

Due to the high number of participants, especially the control system manufacturers present had to deal with an extensive workload. Everyone wanted to test their device with the systems. Particularly the participants with new devices was given the opportunity to intensively test their devices involving the control systems. More, remaining uncertainty was discussed with the other developers. This time no tests with extremely long bus lines and high bus loads were carried out. The main focus was the test of new devices.

The next PlugFest is going to take place in September, 2015. If requested, additional PlugFests can be take place previously.