CANopen Lift PlugFest - 2016-04

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Traditionally, the 12th CANopen-Lift PlugFest took place on the 12th of April, 2016, once again hosted by the CiA in Nuremberg. Due to more participants than expected, the CiA was not able to offer sufficient premises, so they had to draw on some rooms in the InterCityHotel Nuremberg.

There, the members of the Special Interest Group Lift met already for the 12th time to test their devices interoperation. The center of attention was again to support those participants who attended the event for the first time to test their products, as well as the first test of the safety position encoder, which was newly described as a virtual device “Position Supervisor Unit”.

Present were this time five controler manufacturers, two frequency converter manufacturers, three suppliers of display systems, one instruction board manufacturer, three weighting device manufacturers and two safety position encoder manufacturers. Another highlight was the continuous spread of CANopen- lift to foreign countries, as there were representatives from nine countries for the first time, arriving from China, Denmark, Germany, France, Lichtenstein, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the U.S. The next PlugFest is going to take place in September, 2016. If requested, additional PlugFests can be take place previously.