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Here you will find additional recommendations, which are not part of CiA 417.


CAN bus interface

  • Transceiver according to ISO 11898 (Bus line electrical strength +/- 30 V)
  • Bit-rate and bit-timing according to CiA 301
  • Setup of bit-rate according to CiA:

Index Bitrate
0 1 MBit/s
1 800 kBit/s
2 500 kBit/s
3 250 kBit/s (default)
4 125 kBit/s
5 reserved
6 50 kBit/s
7 20 kBit/s
8 10 kBit/s
9 auto baud

Galvanic isolation

Every CANopen-Lift component should be galvanically isolated. The components are usally located over large distances and powered by different voltages. They are used in industry as well as in the home sector. When using galvanic isolation, the influence of differential voltage or ground loops can be avoided. This also applies for several other negative effects, which could disturb the data transmission.

Status LEDs

Every CANopen-Lift component should at least have two status LEDs (or one bi-color LED), which indicates the state of the bus communication (red light = ERROR) and the working state (green light = RUN). The way how to control the LEDs is described in CiA 303-3.


The following connectors described in CiA 303-1 are recommended for lifts:

The following connectors are also used in some CANopen-Lift devices:


Color coding

Name Color
+24 V DC red
0 V black
CAN_L blue
CAN_H white