CANopen Plug RJ45

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In the CANopen-standard (CiA-303-1) the allocation of the most common plug connectors are standardized. In the application profile for lifts several recommendations for plug connectors in lift components are made.

Socket RJ45

This includes the RJ45 socket.

Pin-Allocation of the RJ45 Socket
Pin Signal Description
1 CAN_H CAN-Bus-Signal (dominant high)
2 CAN_L CAN-Bus-Signal (dominant low)
3 CAN_GND CAN Ground
4 - Reserved
5 - Reserved
6 CAN_SHLD Optional Shield
7 GND Optionale Ground (of Pin 9)
8 CAN_V+ Optional external power supply
(+24 V)


This plug is currently not used in any known device.