Mini-Fit Jr. 6 Pins

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In the CANopen-Standard (CiA-303-1) the allocation of the most common plug connections are standardized. In the application profile for lifts there are recommendation for several plugs for lift components.

Plug Mini-Fit Jr. 6 pins
Pin-Allocation Plug Mini-Fit Jr.
Pin Signal Description
1 (CAN_SHLD) optional shield
2 CAN_H CAN bus signal (dominant high)
3 CAN_L CAN bus signal (dominant low)
4 CAN_GND CAN ground
5 (GND) optional ground power supply (of Pin 6)
6 (CAN_V+) optional external power supply (+24 V)


This plug was used by the following devices:

Currently some of these devices use the Mini-Fit Jr. 4 Pins