Hall Panel Node CANsmall CS08

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Hall Call Panel node CANsmall CS08






The CANsmall CS08 has 8 I/O terminals, 8 output terminals and contains the following virtual devices: Input Panel Unit and Output Panel Unit. The I/O terminals can be used for the calls, inputs- and outputs. So any input signal can be read in and sent to the CAN Bus as input-function. Also the output signals of the different lift controllers are read out via the I/O terminals or respectively output terminals.

The CANsmall CS08 is used for the connection of landing fixtures for lifts. It is available for face plate mounting or quick fastening.

Small dimensions approx. 55 x 35 mm. No DIP switches or jumper necessary. Node number and Baudrate are adjustable. Auto baud detection is possible.

Switching elements with recall light are connectable in 3- or 4-wire technology, common cathode. An input will be detected while the corresponding output ist set. This is possible at both wire techlologies.

Following version are available:

  • CANsmall CS08 VST 4p (Vertical clamps, 4 slots up to 2 I/O-clamps per slot)
  • CANsmall CS08 HST 4p (Horizontal clamps, 4 slots up to 2 I/O-clamps per slot)
  • CANsmall CS08 VPM 4p (Vertical clamps, 1 slot f. SCHAEFER Display)
  • CANsmall CS08 HPM 4p (Horizontal clamps, 1 slot f. SCHAEFER Display)


The completley pre-wired LOP's can be bought at SCHAEFER GmbH. A pre-wiring of components outside the LOP's is not foreseen. The complete shaft pre-wiring is restricted exclusively to the BUS cable and the power supply. The sequence of the LOP's is negligible seen from a logical point of view. Thereby, potential sources of error in shaft pre-wiring are almost impossible.


Following version are deliverable:

  • CS08 VST 4p
  • CS08 VPM 4p
  • CS08 HST 4p
  • CS08 HPM 4p

Picture CANsmall CS08 VST 4p

Picture CANsmall CS08 VPM 4p

Picture CANsmall CS08 HST 4p

Picture CANsmall CS08 HPM 4p