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canAnalyser 3 Suite & CANopen Module


HMS Industrial Networks AB


With the enhancement of CANopen module – see below – the canAnalyser supports

  • CiA-416: Application profile for building door control
  • CiA-417: application profile for lift control systems
  • CiA-447: Application profile for building door control


canAnalyser 3 suite

  • The canAnalyser is a versatile, powerful and flexible multi-purpose analysis tool for the development, test and maintenance of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939 networks. The software package is modular, open and expandable.
  • canAnalyser is available in "Standard" and "Lite" versions. Even the basic version offers functions that cover a large range of applications.
  • Additional application areas are accessible with optional modules for CANopen (see below), DeviceNet and SAE J1939, or with custom .NET modules.
  • A free canAnalyser Demo is available which can run without a CAN interface; a free license file enabling a 14-day trial can be requested via email.

CANopen Module - CANopen Interpreter for canAnalyser

As an optional available addition to the canAnalyser, the CANopen Module interprets all received CAN messages according to the CANopen specifications CiA301 (incl. SDO block transfer), CiA302 (incl. Flying Master and Dynamic SDO Configuration), CiA304 (SRDO) and CiA305 (LSS). The messages are recognized as SDOs, PDOs (also multiplexed), NMT, Heartbeat, Emergency, Sync and Timestamp objects and interpreted accordingly.

Features and benefits

  • Simplifies analysis of CANopen networks and devices
  • Direct display of all CANopen messages according to CANopen specification
  • Easy integration into canAnalyser test environment



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