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* car panels  
* car panels  
* shaft panels
* shaft panels
* displays

= Contact =
= Contact =
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[[Category: CiA Member]]
[[Category: Manufacturer]]
[[Category: Manufacturer]]

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bs tableau

Bs tableau oHG is a specialist for tableaus in the field of building of elevators. Headquarter for production is in Zülpich/Germany, founded in 1995. Managing directors Mr. Rainer Bunk and Mr. Peter Schmidt are leading the company with a team of 12 employees. Target is to get new and better technologies in time and again to improve even the emenetly high standard of quality. At this only materials of highest quality are used, worked on by qualified employees with lasermachines of the latest gerenation.

CANopen Products

  • car panels
  • shaft panels
  • displays


bs tableau oHG
Römerallee 72
53909 Zülpich
Phone: +49 2252 83719-0
Fax: +49 2252 83719-11