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right| Agilion GmbH The Agilion GmbH is a competent supplier of products and services for wireless communication and localization solutions in home automation, industry automation, as well as for automobile manufacturing. Based on extensive experience with wire-based bus systems the Agilion GmbH specialized in wireless communication in the industrial context.

The radio modules by Agilion enable the easy cable replacement of various ports. Particularly the CAN bus with proprietary, as with standardized protocols, can be submitted wirelessly. The different, yet among themselves compatible, construction types serve to enable an easy mechanical integration into the respective task. Further bus systems (RS485, RS422) and the ports RS232, digital and I/O can also be submitted transparently.

The fields of application of the products range from pure cable replacements to complex radio networks. It is possible, for example, to design a complete CAN bus network wirelessly with the WIRELESS SMART CAN NW. Additional products and individual solutions can be produced on request.


Agilion GmbH
Blankenauer Straße 74
09113 Chemnitz
Tel.: +49 371 450048-0
Fax : +49 371 450048-11


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