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The cable system consists of 4 wires with a nominal size of 1,5 or. 0,75 mm². Two wires (bl/rd) are used for power supply and two wires (wt/bl)are used as bus line. The wires of power supply and the wires of BUS line are always twisted together.
To realize a simly and reliable installation of a network with CANopen components, the using of preconverted cable segments proffers clearly advantages.

  • Copabtibility to all SCHAEFER CANopen Products
  • Less time for installation
  • Massive savings in time and costs
  • High safety of electrical contact
  • No customisation of cable segments
  • No spring clips
  • No connecting diagram neccassary
  • Wrong terminal connections impossibly
  • Simple and safe design
  • Simply expansion of the can network
  • No instruments for building a can network neccessary
  • No specific knowledge about CANopen neccessary


Following cable segments are available

Topologie - Shaft installation

Single lift installation, Group of 2 lifts, Group of 3 lifts


Example for Connection: