CAN serial interface CSI-01C

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Böhnke + Partner GmbH




The module CSI-01 can be used for various tasks:

  • As a repeater to connect two CAN networks. All CAN telegrams will be transmitted into other networks without changes. Both CAN networks will be treated like a single network.
  • As a bridge to connect two CAN networks with the profile CiA-417 (e.g. for the connection of a shaft bus to a group bus). Each CAN network will be treated as a unique network. Equal node numbers can be used once in a network. At the exchange of CAN telegrams between the networks they will be changed according to their function.
  • As a gateway to connect modules to the CAN bus that only possess a UART port. In this case a special programming depending on the protocol of the module takes place.




Das Gateway CSI-01C verbindet zwei CANopen-Netzwerke und kann als Repeater, Bridge oder Gateway eingesetzt werden