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Vector Informatik GmbH


  • Application profile for lift control systems (CiA 417)
  • Application profile for building door control (CiA 416)
  • Application profile for special-purpose car add-on devices (CiA 447)
  • Device profile for battery modules and battery chargers (CiA 418, CiA 419)
  • FireCAN


CANalyzer’s functionality together with the functional expansions for CANopen gives the user a tool that can be used both in the development of CANopen systems as well as their startup and maintenance. CANalyzer.CANopen Option makes high-performance, CANopen-specific functions for analysis, simulation, testing, and configuration available to the developer. This is a prerequisite for reliable and efficient interaction with CANopen networks.


CANalyzer.CANopen expands the standard functionality of CANalyzer with:

  • Protocol-specific representation in the Trace Window
  • Protocol monitoring
  • Graphical representation of devices
  • Network management, guarding, heartbeat
  • Setting the baud rate and node ID via Layer Setting Services
  • Use of the CiA standard file formats EDS/DCF
  • Configuration of CANopen devices

Included with the product is the EDS editor CANeds.



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