CANopen-Lift PlugFest - 2018-09

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CANopen-Lift PlugFest
CANopen-Lift PlugFest

On 4th + 5th September 2018 at the PlugFest of the CANopen SIG Lift representatives of 20 companies from 9 countries met in Nuremberg to test the interoperability of their devices based on the CANopen-Lift standard.

For the first time with the company Bucher Hydraulics AG a manufacturer of hydraulic drives was present. In the future the drives of hydraulic elevators can also be controlled in velocity and in position mode based on CANopen-Lift, meaning that direct drive without a step will also be possible with hydraulic elevators.

The main topics of the meeting were:

  • testing new devices,
  • testing the Safety Position Units (PSUs),
  • tests of the function 'Next Stop'
  • tests with the hydraulic drive unit

The next CANopen-Lift PlugFest is planed in Nuremberg in April 2019.