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HMS Industrial Networks AB


Powerful CANopen service and diagnostics tool for service staff and developers

The CANopen® Device Manager is a versatile and upgradeable tool aimed at device test, diagnostics, and field service tasks. Built around a central component that manages the CANopen services while serving as the primary entry point for network definition, the CANopen Device Manager covers functionality like NMT node and error control, SDO client (including block transfer with CRC), PDO producer and consumer, SYNC and time stamp producer. It also offers concise DCF and firmware download according to CiA 302, LSS master according to CiA 305, and, as an optional add-on, a Python-based scripting engine that allows the development of powerful CANopen test applications.

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive CANopen functionality including NMT node and error control services, SDO client, PDO consumer and producer
  • Support for SDO block transfer
  • LSS master functionality according to CiA 305
  • Configuration and firmware download according to CiA 302
  • Customized plug-in modules covering dedicated CANopen diagnostics or service functionality
  • Optional Python based scripting engine that allows the implementation of even the most complex user applications




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CANopen Device Manager