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Vector Informatik GmbH


The CANopen Source Code (CANopen Stack) contains CANopen services required for an implementation. It thus offers the user the communication functionality required for internal device development. Significant time savings can be achieved during product development by using the CANopen Source Code. The user can concentrate on the integration of the application; the implementation of the CANopen protocol is simplified significantly. The code corresponds to the most recent version of the CANopen DS-301 communication profile enabling a secure and CANopen-conforming implementation of the project. To simplify connection of internal application data to the object directory, there are exemplary entries already in the object directory. Using these specifications, it is easy to create your own entries.


  • Server
  • PDO /SYNC Handling
  • Heartbeat Producer/Consumer
  • NMT Slave (supports "Life Guarding")
  • Simple adjustment to various requirements
  • Broad spectrum of supported hardware platforms

For special application areas there are expansion modules available for the CANopen Source Code, which can be ordered separately:

  • Mini-Master
  • LSS Master
  • LSS Slave

Detailed information and available hardware platforms: Vector's CANopen website