FlexyPage V-Line Touch Displays

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flexyPage V-Line 7 + 10,1 Touch
flexyPage V-Line 7 + 10,1 Touch

ELFIN Technology GmbH




  • transceiver ISO 11898 conform (bus proof voltage +/- 30 V)
  • bitrate and -timing CiA-301 conform
  • galvanic insulated
  • connector: Open Style with 2 contacts
  • software update via Internet
  • termination with a resistor at the Open Style connector


flexyPage is an innovative display system for lifts. With its direct connection to the fieldbus of the lift via the open protocol CANopen-Lift all information available on the system can be put on display. Being connected with the Internet supports advanced possibilities of display visualisation besides controlling the lift. With its touch display, calling was never more appealing.

All flexyPage displays support the open standard CANopen-Lift. The display technology includes a direct CAN bus connection. All system information of the lift are easily accessible in real time through it.

The V-Line panel-mount touch displays have been developed for COPs and landing panels. The displays are equipped with a PCT touch sensor. All V-Line displays are equipped with an energy-saving LED backlight with a lifetime of 50,000 hours and are designed for 24/7 operation.

All buttons of a car operating panel can be connected to the displays of the V-Line. The calls are transmitted to the control system via CANopen-Lift. Furthermore, the touch displays serve as voice announcements, access control via PIN entry and for visual communication (2SC) with included users with a hearing impairment.




flexyPage V-Line 7 Touch

flexyPage V-Line 7

flexyPage V-Line 10,1

flexyPage V-Line 10,1