Interlift 2009

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The CiA-417 specification defines the messages (CAN-ID and content) and all the process data in detail. The configuration parameter for drives, car doors, and I/O panels are defined in detail in CiA-417, too. The CANopen Lift specification has been reviewed entirely and was released as version 2.0 in February 2010. But some prototypes already have been shown at the Interlift 2009. The operability of CANopen Lift products is tested by means of plug-fests organized by CiA. The Zetadyn 3 series of inverters by Ziehl-Abegg is compliant to CiA-417 and has proven to be interoperable with the control systems from Böhnke + Partner (bp 306) as well as from Weber (We can). The inverter supports loads up to 1250 kg.

Böhnke + Partner demonstrated the bp308 controller featuring additional application functions, e.g. remote display of the drive unit on its Interlift 2009 booth. The controller was linked wirelessly to the car door unit at the Siemens booth; pushing the open/close button at the controller caused an action at the door installed on another stand. In order to achieve this, the CANopen PDOs were tunneled via the wireless communication system.

The inverter by Liftequip is CiA-417 compliant and provides energy feedback functionality. The device has no local display, but the CANopen connected controller has access to all parameters and diagnostic information, which can be shown remotely on the controller’s display.