Lift Car Call Module LCC-350-20

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Masora AG


  • CiA-417


Our Product Lift Car Call Module LCC-350-20 offers you:

  • Control via CANopen Lift CiA-417.
  • Ability to connect 24 switching elements with acknowledgment light (Car commandos). 10 connection points directly on the Lift Car Call Module, using low cost plugsystem (JST, Serie PH). 14 more (or all 24) connection points when using LCC I/O-Expander (passive).
  • 4-Wire-Emulation for 3-Wire-Switching elements with acknowledgment light. Allows to read back the pushbutton of 3-Wire-Switching elements (combined wire for pushbutton and acknowledgment light) during active acknowledgment light.
  • Sound generator for Button acknowledgment.
  • Integrated Infopanel with backlight as emergency light function. Through inlay of a transparent, selfprinted foil the Infopanel can be designed easy and flexible.
  • Power feed via CAN-Bus-supply. The Module monitors the supply and sets an alarm if it falls under a critical limit.
  • Software-Updates via CAN-Bus.
  • Connection/Through connection for Alarmbutton with emergency light.
  • Free combination with all Lift Display Modules LDM-050-xx.

Our accessory product LCC I/O-Expander LCE-050-20 offers you:

  • Interface for I/O-functions, for flexible connection and customized solutions.
  • see picture down right




Front Lift Car Call Module LCC-350-20 Back Lift Car Call Module LCC-350-20 LCC I/O-Expander LCE-050-20