Lift Display Unit LDU-350-xx

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Masora AG


  • CiA-417


Currently available are 2 different displaysizes each in 2 colours:

  • Lift Display Unit LDU-350-6R, displaysize 64mm, colour red
  • Lift Display Unit LDU-350-6B, displaysize 64mm, colour blue
  • Lift Display Unit LDU-350-4R, displaysize 40mm, colour red
  • Lift Display Unit LDU-350-4B, displaysize 40mm, colour blue

All products offer you:

  • Universal display for the floor/door frame or car - or wherever you want to display something.
  • Activation via CANopen Lift DSP 417.
  • High-contrast displays with extensive reading angle (16 x 16 LED-Dot-Matrix),in a range of colour and sizes (LED-Dot-Matrix with 40 mm or 64 mm), in two module-designs with identical interface.
  • Modular design for the simplest installation. The devices are fully assembled and supplied with mounting frame and filter window.
  • Very compact design of the LDU-350-4x.
  • Any mounting position possible in the 4 basic directions through flexible choice of the graphical alignment.
  • All connections are plug-in.
  • Power feed via CAN-Bus supply with monitoring of the supply.
  • Software-Updates via CAN-Bus.
  • Functionally matched with the complete range of CANopen Lift products from the Masora Lx-300 family.

Additional colours on inquiry


all displays are available


Lift Display Unit LDU-350-6R Lift Display Unit LDU-350-6B Lift Display Unit LDU-350-4R Lift Display Unit LDU-350-4B