Meeting CANopen MG Lift 2012-09

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Meeting of the lift marketing group in Cologne

A meeting of the CANopen Marketing Group took place at ELFIN GmbH offices on the 12th of September of 2012.

The main topics at the meeting where the preparation of the upcoming Interlift 2013, the increase of CANopen-Lift demonstrators, press publications, the visualization of the functionalities on the internet and the development of the lift models at the Heilbronn University. Furthermore, the possibility of producing videos that explain the advantages of CANopen lift on a comprehensive way were discussed. Finally, the participants were kindly asked to send technical articles to the CAN Newsletter Special CANopen Lift (print) and (online).

The next meeting of the MG Lift is planned for the 29th of January of 2012 again at ELFIN in Cologne.

You can find further information about the activities of the CANopen-Lift at MG Lift.