Meeting of the Marketing Group Lift 2018-01

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After a long time a meeting of the marketing group Lift took place again. On January 30th, 2018, representatives of 13 companies met in Nuremberg to discuss how to bring the standard 'CANopen-Lift' back into the focus of decision makers.

After the Interlift 2017 the desire arose to find a new replacement for the old demonstrator, as it has been exhibited many times in its current configuration and the functions are well known in the industry.

The new solution should be easier to handle and inexpensive to build. With well over 100,000 installations in the field, a demonstration of the cross-vendor function is no longer necessary at trade fairs. The new demonstrator was primarily intended to show that many companies from all parts of the world that are well-known in the industry used this standard in their products. A possible variant could be the demonstrator, which is also used by CiA at other trade fairs. Other suggestions can be submitted until the next meeting.

Another item on the agenda was the choice of a new MG Lift chauffeur. This became necessary after Mr. Siebert left the industry. The members will propose possible candidates until the next meeting.

The next meeting is planned for the 26 April 2018.