New pluggable system for CANopen-Lift components

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Source: LiftReport 2 / 2015

In the last years the development of CANopen-Lift components has been further advanced. New functions and products are added regularly. With the multitude of components however the wiring of the BUS participants is often disregarded. Until now there has not been a standardised plug and cable system. E.g. screw terminals, RJ45 plugs and cables with and without shielding are being used.

In the year 2014 several users and manufacturers of CANopen-Lift components approached the company W+W Aufzugkomponenten to implement a standardised wiring of the products. This shall avoid wiring errors and reduce the mounting time. After a few meetings and tests it was agreed upon a 4-pole pluggable AMP system. A 2x2x0.75mm2 or a 2x2x1.5mm2 sheathed cable is used, a shielding is not necessary. This solid cable can be laid outside the cable duct or through wall breakthroughs without difficulty. In general this principle is based on one main line and its tap cables. Only one cable leads to each BUS participant. Y-adaptors are put into the main line as stub cables, so that it can be tapped at any point. For many BUS participants special connecting cables are already available.

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