Suggestions of topics for the next workshop

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Agenda for the next meeting of the SIG Lift on September 6th

  • Topic 1 – Formalities
  • Topic 2 – Work on the current specification version 2.3
    • Prove and release of version 2.3
  • Topic 3 – Extension of the specification
    • New virtual device position supervisor unit
    • New virtual device remote monitoring controller/unit/device
    • New MPDO for condition monitoring of door unit
  • Topic 4 – Documentation
    • ...
  • Top 5 - Marketing
    • Information on current and planned marketing activities
  • Top 6 - CANopen Lift PlugFest
    • Looking forward to the next day's PlugFest
    • Develop a process description for: registration, test of new devices, test of new functions of the specification, special wishes for tests, test setups, time table, overview successfully tested functions.
    • Requests for special tests during future PlugFests
    • Elaboration of checklists as a prerequisite for an automatic test system
  • Top 7 - Miscellaneous
    • Introduction of new CANopen products
    • New virtual inputs for:
    • Date, location and topics for the next meeting

If you have further suggestions, please feel free to add them to Topic 7 - Miscellaneous.