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CANblue II


HMS Industrial Networks AB


The CANblue II is a reasonable and versatile CAN / CANopen active Bluetooth interface, which can be used in a wide range of applications due three supported operation modes:

  • Bridge mode
  • ASCII/Binary protocol mode
  • PC operation mode with VCI driver support

For service applications it enables e.g. the wireless access to CAN systems using the standard Bluetooth interface provided within many notebooks. Due to this, diagnostic data can be read or system configuration tasks can be performed very simple and flexible, even at components which are hard to reach.

Using several CANblue II devices network segments can be networked among each other. This enables the reliable connection of rotating or moving parts as well as the bridging of larger distances between different sub-systems up to 200 meters. Not least, the Bluetooth-based communication also offers significant advantages in terms of range and noise immunity, compared to traditional WLAN solutions.

Features and benefits

  • Quick start-up and connection
  • High transmission range
  • Low latency transmission and high data throughput
  • Flexible configuration options (combination of several CANblue II)




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