ES-01 universal monitoring gateway - serial

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eleon data GmbH
eleon data GmbH

eleon data GmbH




  • transceiver ISO 11898 conform (bus proof voltage +/- 30 V)
  • bitrate and -timing CiA-301 conform
  • galvanic insulated
  • connector: open style with 2 contacts
  • software update via Internet
  • termination with a resistor via internal DIL switch


The universal elevator gateway - eleon S1 - is a monitoring gateway for different brands of elevators. It is connected to the elevator controller or CAN bus. On-site installation and configuration is plug and play and takes less than 15 minutes. With a streamlined installation process, it only takes one visit and can easily be integrated into the standard rhythm of site visits. Once installed, the eleon S1 connects to the Internet and provides data or KPIs via an interface tailored to your needs.


in development


es-01 universal monitoring gateway


Detailed product information you can find at the following product homepages: